Community Consultants of America

Executive SEARCH

CCoA can assist you in finding the right candidate for the job. We offer Executive Search services as well as Interim Executive services as noted below. 

Finding a replacement from the inside or outside of an orgnaization can take some time. Filling the role on a temporary basis will help the operation to continue to run while the role is being filled whether it be from a leave of absence, quick departure, a turn-around job or merger, we are here to help continue operations seamlessly.


  • Develop detailed  brochure and position announcement

  • Post position announcement to approved advertising sources,  social media sources and extensive email outreach

  • Candidate evaluation/top candidates selected 

  • Conduct Skype interview, reference checks, social media and google search of select group

  • Presentation of candidates with client of candidate pool narrowed down

  • Schedule and facilitate candidate interview process, which is tailored to meet the Client’s specific needs

  • Full background screening, additional reference checks and news media search conducted

  • Present draft interview questions

  • Consultant present at interviews of top candidates

  • Assist with negotiations and offer to selected candidate

  • Notify all applicants of appointed candidate


For a critical vacancy that is sudden, temporary, or on a permanent basis, we are here to get you the right person to fill that gap and keep things going. We are flexible in the term whether you are wanting a temporary interim executive, contract executive, part-time executive or business consultant, we can help meet your goals and needs.