Community Consultants of America

feasibility studies

A Feasibility Study is a comprehensive study designed to give you the tools necessary to develop your project and funding package, as well as to give you the tools to evaluate the feasibility of your project.

Feasibility Study Timeline

● Feasibility Studies are conducted in about 3 months.

Feasibility Study Services

● Market area demographic study.

● Market penetration analysis.

● Predicted membership fee structure and membership impact analysis.

Strategic Project Planning

● Determine project description, community needs statements, mission statement, vision statement, and project goals.

● Conduct strategic project SWOT analysis to assist your group to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats regarding your project.

● Determine project and operations governance structure.

Project Development

● Develop project plan to include cost projections, site requirements, facility requirements, project phases, and construction management systems.

Test Case for Support

● Develop test case statement.

● Develop and complete project direct mailing survey and on-line project survey to test case.

● Conduct interviews to test the case for support with identified foundations, government entities, prospective donors, stakeholders, and key community members.

● Conduct two community open forum meetings to test case.

● Identify strengths and weaknesses of the case.

● Identify partnerships and collaborations that may benefit this project.

● Present recommendations after test completion for final case statement.

Campaign Goal

● Identify a campaign goal and project funding plan based on identified information obtained from major donor prospects and stakeholders.

● Develop funding package for proposed project.


● Conduct all data coding and tabulation and professional analysis of data.