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Comprehensive Project Management

Community Consultants of America offers full project management services for startup or organized groups to take their vision and make it become a reality. Our team will lead you step by step through the entire process from organizing your group to groundbreaking.


Project Timeline

● 22 - 30 months, typically.


Project Management Services

Project Leadership

● Lead entire project process from inception to groundbreaking.


Board Development

● Recruit and install Board of Directors.

● Implement Board of Director development procedures.


Strategic Planning

● Develop a comprehensive strategic plan.

● Develop mission statement.



● Determine governance structure.

● Develop Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

● Incorporate group and set-up governance.

● Submit for non-profit status.

● Secure EIN.

● Setup banking systems.


Project Action Steps

● Develop project action steps and timeline.


Community Assessment

● Administer Community Assessments services.


Feasibility Study

● Administer Feasibility Study.


Capital Campaign Consulting

● Conduct Capital Campaign Consulting Services


Project Design and Construction

● Determine project delivery model.

● Secure architectural firm utilizing an RFP system and proven selection processes.

● Secure contractor utilizing an RFP system and proven selection processes.

● Secure construction management services.


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